Precision is our mission

We obsess over every little detail, from specifications and measurements to consistency and delivery. With an unwavering pride in our people, our process, our space, we ensure our global base of customers can count on us every time.

Quality across industries

We cater to only those businesses and industries that require quality precision products. Some of them, but not all, are from aerospace, energy, environmental control, agriculture and telecommunications. For a complete rundown on what we can seamlessly manufacture for you please contact us today.

Process Control

Equipment & Capabilities

We're in the precision manufacturing space, delivering meticulous execution and seamless service. We manufacture components kits and assemblies that are critical for our clients. Here’s a more detailed look at Optima's equipment program.

CNC Milling

11 CNC Milling Centers

7 Shizouka B7-VHS ⁠— 4th axis CNC mill (with laser tool setter & probe)

1 DMG DMU50 ⁠— 4th axis CNC mill with 90 degree tilt table (with laser tool setter & probe)

2 Fanuc RoboDrill T-21iFa-4th axis CNC mill (with laser tool setter & probe)

1 Fanuc RoboDrill αD21SiB5ADV - 3rd axis CNC mill (with laser tool setter & probe)

CNC Turning

16 CNC Turning Centers — From Swiss Automatics to 3” dia Thru Spindle

4 Dainichi F20 ⁠— CNC lathe

1 Dainichi F15 ⁠— CNC lathe with barfeed

1 Hardinge GT ⁠— CNC lathe with barfeed

1 Tornos ⁠— CNC single spindle screw machine

1 Star ⁠— CNC sub spindle multi-axis lathe

2 Spinner TS66H ⁠— CNC turning center

1 Biglia B1000 ⁠— CNC turning center

4 Takisawa CNC Lathe model TCN-2000-L6

1 Takahashi CNC Precision Lathe with auto-loader

Mill Turn Centers

3 CNC multifunctional mill turn centers

1 DN Solutions SMX 2600ST - 9 Axes Mill/Turn Center

2 Nakamura Tome ⁠-3 Axes Mill/Turn Center


7 CNC EDM Centers

1 ARD CNC EDM ⁠— Die-sinker

1 ARD CNC-CA ⁠— Sinker EDM machine complete with c-axis

2 AGIE EDM ⁠— Wire

1 AGIE SD1 ⁠— Actspark EDM drill

1 AGIE Agietron ⁠— Sinker Spirit 3

1 GF AgieCharmilles CUT 20P Wire EDM


2 CNC Grinding Centers

1 Royal Masters ⁠— center less grinder

1 Supertec CNC ⁠— universal grinder


2 Laser Marking Systems

Trumpf laser marking


1 CNC Gun-Drilling Center

Mollart CNC gundrill


3 Finishing Centers — From CNC Honing to Deburring

1 Sunnen horizontal honing machine

1 Sunnen SV1010 ⁠— Vertical Honing

1 OTEC CF50 ⁠— Deburring Machine

Assembly Program

We have the experienced technicians. We have the state-of-the-art equipment. But our secret weapon is the skills and knowledge of our in-house assembly and kitting team. By offering these services in house, we can maintain control of form, fit and function. From the manufacturing process through to final assembly and testing, our engineers and inspectors work seamlessly to offer a full turn-key process for your product requirements.

Quality Program

Quality Assurance is not so much a guarantee as it is a mandate. Our program not only complies with and is certified to ISO 9001 but works in parallel with Continuous Improvement programs, Lean Manufacturing and 5S activities to comprise our core best practices.

Inspection Capabilities

2 Zeiss CNC coordinate measuring machine

3 Mitutoyo linear height

1 Starrett NC optical comparator

1 Starrett manual optical comparator

1 Mitutoyo surface tester

1 Mitutoyo hardness tester

High QA Quality Enterprise

1 Zwick-Roell Z250 Universal Testing Machine

Always up for the challenge

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